About me

Catherine Morgans is writing children’s picture books to spark children’s imaginations, tickle their funny bones and sometimes tug on their heartstrings. She escapes to a beautiful, funny, quirky, colourful and magical world, where she dreams big and words jump into stories.

Her son and husband inspire her daily with lots of laughs and many inappropriate jokes.

At ten, Catherine became the cool aunty and she has been surrounded by children ever since. Growing up, Catherine didn’t think much of her father’s book obsession and a home overflowing books, but she did insist the little penguins sit together on the bookshelf.

After high school, like all great artists Catherine dropped out of Art School. She went on to complete childcare studies. She has lived in London, Vancouver, Brisbane, Sydney and now Canberra.

She chose to forge a career in project management, a profession to support her world travels.

Catherine also loves to sculpt cake and will take on any cake challenge.